World famous Muslim Astrologer in India UK

Muslim Astrologer in UK

When we talk about the problems coming in our life, we put a blame on Other for it, blame to god for it. But the main reason of our dispute in life is Place of planets and stars. If it is on the right place, then no any issues faced by you but these sign create the problems or dispute in our life when it is not on the right place.So to set the these stars and planets on right place, we need a our famous Muslim Astrologer in UK, India and USA. He is famous with his work in the all over India. His Work is purely and cleanable. His Astrology power can change your life quickly. You will see the all positive results after their work.

Here, I am writing about my experience with him. He is come in my life like a lifeline. Before I start to write, I am thankful to him to make my life.I am writing here because of them.So let’s start

I was in the college doing a master’s in information technology or also doing a job part time. I am very silent boy from beginning till master. Someone is enter in a class room, meet with my friend and sit with him and start talking,there is no special attention for her from me but she start looking me. But I am ignoring her. After meeting with all classmates, she gone. I know about her from my friend that she is working in the call center and only one time in a week coming in a college.

Word famous Muslim Astrologer in UK India

We were have a group of all classmates on what’s app. She was also in this group. I was very less talk in this group. The time is 9.30 pm , phone vibrate and message from a unknown number “ Hello”. I reply “Whos”. She reply “ your class mate”. She interduce her self to me. After talking a 15 days on chat, she late night message me “ I want to say something”, I reply “yes, what happen” she message me after 5 minutes “ I like you” I was have no answer of this question. I never reply her this message. Next day, she was mess me,” reply for last message”. I reply late night , ok am also like you. Instant reply and she was very happy after seen my message.we meeting on sunday because we both have a lack of time.Talking , Eating, watching movie and happy ending of the day. But had fear in the mind.

In short, After spending a 1 and half year with her. In between many disputes were occur but we are talking. In between, we both faced health related issue also. My parents know about it all. My parents taken me to famous Muslim Astrologer. He is very expert in saw the kundli of person and match making. When he is check both the kundli. He find a big mangal dosh in my kundli and tell us that planets are not in the exact place that’s why you facing the health issue. Then he said, about my love. Marriage not possible because of mangal dosh. I hearted after listen him. But I request to him to do something to be possible it.

World famous Muslim Astrologer

He is world famous Astrologer, he know the many trick for match making of couples. There are so many cases of couples, solved by him. He give me mantra to chanting and ask for one pooja in my house for me and also give some upaye for 21 days. After exact 21 days, my all work was going to possible. My all reports are OK by the doctor. My parents also talks to my love parent’s. When once again we match a kundli of both, all thing is all right and on the spot we fix the date of marriage all are very happy after fix my marriage and see to us. After 5 month, I married with her. And now we are living a very happy life with my 9 month baby. I am very thankful to muslim astrologer to give a beautiful life. All thing is not possible without him, I have no words for him. He is really best Astrologer with a lot of knowledge. I suggest you all and specially love couples to meet him and make your life easy and happy. Your small step can make your life colorful.If you like my story, share please.

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