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Get Back My Girlfriend

Get Back My girlfriend

How to get back ex boyfriend

In Islam the word love take very important place in everyone’s life. We all read or hear about the love stories of Muslims or Islam. In every love story there are some problems or obstacles by which story the love story had been incomplete or some of the love stories had been competed without any obstacle or barrios. Sometimes another girl comes in happy love story.

After that boy leave his girlfriend alone. If you’re boyfriend leaves you alone. You want him back in your life. You ask always same question to yourself that how to get your ex boyfriend back? Then you can take the help of Muslim Vashikaran. Do this vashikarn after taking bath. You can get your boyfriend back using this spell. On Sunday or Wednesday repeat the spell 79 times which is written below. Spellbound the sweet and Give it to your ex boyfriend. After eating this sweet he will hypnotize. He will come again in your life or you can solve the problem. The spell which is chanting is
या कजिलहा जतिया कफ़ीलमुहायति या राफीअदर जति यादाफि अलबयाति या मुफूलहुल अबावनि या शाफिल अमराजी या हलल्लमुश्कि लाति या मुसविबल असबाब ता या मुजाबद अवाति या अर्रहमानिर्रहीम ।

How to get back your ex girlfriend

It is not necessary that every love story will completed without any obstacle or problem. In every boy’s life there is a girl whom he loves so much. Some times in that story girl leave him because he gets new boyfriend or some personal issues. By this the boy feels so upset. He wants her back in his life again. But he does not get any solution of this problem. He is doing every effort to solve this problem but he does not get any solution. I you are also suffering from this problem. You also want the solution of this problem. You do everything to solve this problem but you do not get any success. Then at that time we can help you. We can tell you how to get back your ex girlfriend. Read the spell 10 beads per day for 41 days, which is written below
ओम नमो आदेश गुरु को ॥
जल बाँधू ॥
जलहर बाँधू ॥
आणी-पाणी बाँधू ॥
बार-बार बाँधू ॥
शिवपूत प्रचंड ॥
रूठा राजा ॥
काई करसी ॥
आसान छोड़ा ॥
मन्ने बैठण देसी ॥
आसण टीको चन्दन ॥
ललाट टीको काढि ॥
सिहं वर्ण कहाऊ ॥
और करु सइया तले ॥
मैं बध्यान गौरा पार्वती ॥
बध्याने में बध्याया ॥
मेरी भक्ति ॥
मेरी भक्ति ॥
फुरे मन्त्र ॥
ईश्वरो वाचा ॥

How to get back your love

Love is the sweet feeling. It gives you power to get everything or open the door of success. If your lover loves you so much then you can complete you destine. But in case your lover leaves you alone in the half way, you cannot survive without him. Some time it is so much difficult to forget him. One sided love is one of the reasons of it. Sometimes by the third person your relationship will destroy. If you could not get your love in your life you feel like, you live in hell. If you facing these conditions. You cannot understand what you will do now. Now you thinking that you cannot do anything to get him back this thinking of you is wrong. You can think that how to get back your love with the help of some simple spells. On Friday night of any month without wearing cloths start chanting of this spell or repeat it whole night. Burn the Ghee lamp and incense in front of you. After chanting it whole night Tributes the Jasmine flowers or do Greetings give attention or think about him. The spell is आगारी जो गुरु यागे ।
जोगिन गुरु , ड़ण्ड बतियाँ ।
करिया बलियाँ ।
री जोगन मुख अनरिता।
गायत रही रतियां ।
गौ जोगिन चल इन अकेलियाँ ।
गौ मारे है तालियाँ।
गौ जोगिन का पहियाँ।
ना आये तो दोहाई मईया बनिता की ।
दोहाई सलिमा पैगम्बार की ।
दोहाई सलाई छू ।

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